Loading Supervision

One of loading supervision service are Port Captain / Loading Master service who has duties to coordinate all parties involved during loading operation for smooth transshipment process.

Together with mooring gangs on board, Our Port Captain / Loading Master will ensure these following points:

  • All barges to have sufficient fender prior alongside the mother vessel to avoid any damage to ship hull
  • The barges to have minimum mooring lines for alongside the mother vessel
  • To be at all times controlling the mooring lines to be tight to the ship side.
  • To communicate with Master tug/barges to ensure a smooth process during the barges alongside/cast off from and to the mother vessel as well as during discharging operation.

Our Port Captain Services will improve knowledge and capability of local labours and match with the safety regulations requirement as per International standard as well as to improve loading rate from time to time by transfer knowledge of our foreman/Port Captain expertise.

Our Port Captain on board will carry out duties to meet client’s expectations. The role of our Port Captains on behalf of Client are to supervise the loading & discharging operation, they will contribute the expertise to perform good coordination, safe loading operations and quick turn around of your vessel in port.

Our Port Captainswill coordinate parties involved from milestone to milestone, with appropriate control management tools.